Why us?

High-Quality Workmanship

High-quality workmanship, attention to details, and outstanding customer experience are some of the things that distinguish us from other companies providing computer and laptop repair services. We handle every repair project with much enthusiasm and dedication. Every resource at our disposal will be dedicated to getting the issue with your laptop or computer fixed.


Experienced Professionals

We work with a team of well-trained, highly experienced, competent experts that have years worh of experience in dealing with all manner of computer faults ranging from simple software problems to indepth fault finding on the physical hardware.

No Fix No Fee Policy

Furthermore, we also have a No Fix No Fee Policy. If we do not fix the issue with your laptop or computer, you do not have to pay. Also, diagnosis is absolutely free.


Outstanding Customer Experience

At Kent Information Technology services, what gives us joy is the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.

We are totally committed to assisting each and every one of our clients at every point of the way. we are always happy to go the extra mile and ensure that you are offered exceptional services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Timely Support

At Kent Infortmation Technology Services, we strive to provide prompt support to our customers whenever needed.

If you believe that Kent Information Technology Services can be of benefit to you, then please get in touch on 01723841377 or use the contact us page