Linux Server Support


Here at Kent Information Technology Services we have extensive experience of dealing with Linux server systems.  We typically deploy Ubuntu LTS server versions for our customers as these offer easy of future upgrades between major versions.

We have experience of the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Redhat and RPM based clones such as Centos, Rocky Linux and Alma Linux
  • Open SUSE

We use Linux servers in place of Windows Servers to offer authentication services using SAMBA acting as a Windows Domain Controller.  We also use SAMBA as a file server providing file shares and printer shares on the network.  All authentication is handled by the Linux Domain Controller and managed using standard Windows RSAT tools.

These services may not be as advanced as their windows counterparts but they do not have the associated License fee costs.  For a startup this cost can be significant entry barrier.  By using Linux as your file server and network authenticator you can save considerable cash resources.