Data Recovery

Have you accidently deleted important files from your Hard drive? 

Kent Information Technology Services can help you attempt to recover them safely.  We can use professional software to attempt to recover them.

If you have deleted something it is important that you stop using the computer as soon as possible.  The more data written to the hard drive the less chance of recovering the items that have been deleted.

How much will hard drive data recovery Cost?

Without performing an analysis on your hard drive it would be impossible to provide an accurate quote.

We work with what is know a logical damage, this damage to the data structures on the hard drive where your data is stored.  Typical cases of necessary file recovery are:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Operating system reinstalls or upgrades
  • Corrupted file systems and Partitions

Prices for this kind of recovery typically range between £40 - £200 depending upon the complexity and the amount of data to recover.

Here at Kent Information Technology Services we only attempt software recovery of your data.  If your drive has failed electronic circuitry it may be possible to recover the information.  however this is not a service we offer directly. 

Please note that this type of data recovery can have significant costs.

Data recovery from RAID will also attract a significant premium due to the length of time involved.